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Tired of waiting to get paid on 30 to 60 day invoices?  Are you unable to get bank financing?
Accounts Receivable Financing may be for you.  Through its program partners the Chamber can offer its members the opportunity to obtain funds up front on existing accounts receivables instead of waiting for several days or months to get paid. The benefits of A/R Financing/Factoring include:

  • Does not tie-up business’ assets (no collateral requirements)
  • Increases business’ liquidity
  • Quick response time
  • No additional debt is incurred

Talk to the Chamber’s program partner to find out if your business can qualify and get paid!

  • Member must have an existing, valid receivable
  • Member must have provided the good or service in a manner satisfactory to the customer
  • Other conditions apply


Chamber members who are starting or expanding a business venture or trying to develop a different business model will benefit from this service.

  • Legal
  • Financial Management
  • Business Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing


Speaking clearly, with one voice is the new objective in representing the business and commercial interests of Chamber members. The Chamber will work on behalf of its members to advance issues important to the general membership and ongoing business survival.

  • All issues must be subject to internal discussion and debate by members prior to establishing a position to external audiences.
  • All members may participate in forums and discussions of issues important to chamber membership as identified by executive leadership, elected officers, or by vote/consensus of general membership


Identifying new markets for your company’s goods & services is of paramount importance to growing one’s enterprise. Join us in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, North Carolina, or even Virginia to help us market Warren County and your business. Meet new customers and suppliers beyond county borders and bring the bacon back home.

  • The Chamber will assemble the appropriate delegation depending on product/service.
  • Delegation members are expected to work with the Chamber to ensure the success of the delegation’s trip.
  • Once part of the Delegation, associated fees non-refundable


Need to attract a buyer or investor in your business or business idea?  Be part of the Business investors’ Symposium where investment and ideas meet.

  • Presentations will be made regarding perspective investment opportunities.
  • Presenters must prepare marketing materials and other forms of information that would be shared with potential investors or investment groups.
  • Presentersare expected to make a fifteen minute presentation during the Symposium
  • Presentersmay buy one hour to promote the sale of their investment via the Virtual Chamber to prospective buyers.


Keeping it in the family pays,when you do business with three other chamber members, your chamber membership will be reduced by 25%!  Also, if you recruit three members to the Chamber, your membership in the following year will be free!

  • Must do business with a current chamber in good standing
  • All three business transactions must be at least $500 in the aggregate.
  • Provide proof of business transactions (i.e., paid-n-full invoices)
  • Discount applied in the following calendar year and only once within the year.


Need assistance in financing that winning bid or proposal?  The Chamber can help its members by working through its program partners to obtain the funds needed to fulfill contractual obligations.

  • Chamber member must qualify
  • Contract should be fully executed by all signatories involved
  • Chamber member must satisfactorily adhere to terms & conditions of its contract with its customer


Why pay high, hidden, and unexplainable fees to your credit card vendor when, as a member of the Chamber, such costs will be lower than you will find on the open market.
Features for All Members

  • Application fee waived
  • Free 100 Stock Gift Cards with Chamber member’s name applied
  • Free Processing Software (when opening a second internet merchant account (a $125 value).
  • Free on-line access to a rolling 6 months of statements
  • Free PCI Compliance Assistance


Stay out of trouble with State and Federal taxing agencies by having your payroll handled properly the first time.  Through Chamber membership you will obtain these services for fewer costs than it exists on the open market. It has never been easier or less expensive considering many various types of services offered.
As a Bronze Member, receive these payroll processing services from the Chamber’s Program Partner:

  • Direct Deposit Service:The entire check or a portion of an employee’s check can be electronically deposited to one or more different financial institutions.
  • New Hire Reporting:  Program Partner will send a new hire report to the appropriate agency in accordance with the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996.
  • Tax Payments: Program Partner will prepare and disburse all required tax payments
  • Quarterly Returns: Program Partner will prepare and disburse all required quarterly tax returns and will handle all inquiries from taxing authorities.
  • Year End W2s: Program Partner will prepare all required documentation
  • Web Entry and Online Reports: Member can enter payroll data, update employee information and generate reports an internet connection anywhere.

As a Silver and Gold Member, you will receive all of the benefits previously mentioned plus the following additional benefits from the Chamber’s Program Partner:  

  • Laser Printed Paychecks: Program Partner provides computer generated paychecks.
  • Automated Check Signing:  Program Partner will digitize official signatures and laser print them on company checks, including company logo on checks
  • Agency and Garnishment Payments: Program Partner will generate third-party checks for garnishments such as domestic relations, retirement plan contributions, cafeteria plan contributions, or other agency checks.
  • Accrual Management Service: Program Partner willtrack company employees' vacation time, sick time, or other paid time off.
  • Cash Requirement Reporting: Program Partnerswill generate reports detailing the actual cash required to cover all your payroll costs for each pay period.


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