Member Services

List of Services

Affinity Programs- Special price discounts with local, regional, and national business-related retail goods and services

Chamber Newsletter - Quarterly newsletter depicting activities of the Chamber

Community Expo (Formerly known as Senior Expo) - An exposition that promotes goods and services relative to the senior market, tourism, and business-to-business commerce all under on roof.

Grand Opening Ceremony Services - Starting a new venture? Expanding your company?  Opening a new location? Let’s celebrate, the Chamber help organize your company’s grand opening ceremony.

Networking Activities - Meet other business owners and learn the needs of a potential customer.

Seminars/Workshops - Education and awareness of important business-related issues, tips, and topics

Email Blasts - To promote your company’s special event the Chamber will send an email to all Members of the Chamber.

Health Care Services - The Chamber, through its program partner, will provide supplemental healthcare to its members such as dental, eye, cancer, just to name a few, at very favorable discounted rates.

Virtual Chamber - Attend Chamber workshops, seminars, and specialnetworking events on-line without leaving your office.

Website Advertising - promote your company on the Chamber’s new website.


E-Mail Blasts

  • Bronze        $100.00
  • Silver        Free (limit 2 per year) after that $100
  • Gold        Free (limit 4 per year) after that $25.00

Chamber News Letter Ads (Cost of Ads):

  • Bronze             $150.00 (1/8 of a page),  $250 (1/4 of a page), $300 (1/2 of a page)
  • Silver               $130.00 (1/8 of a page) , $220 (1/4 of a page), $275 (1/2 of a page)
  • Gold                $100.00 (1/8 of a page),  $200 (1/4 of a page)  $240 (1/2 of a page)

Virtual Chamber (workshops, seminars, and networking discussions)

  • Bronze        $30.00
  • Silver         $15.00
  • Gold          $5.00

Website Advertising

  • Bronze        $109 per week, $435 per month
  • Silver        $  80 per week, 320 per month
  • Gold        $  63 per week, $250 per month
  • Platinum Sponsorship:  $3,000 for one year (non rotating)
  • Emerald Sponsorship:  $1,000 for 6 months (rotating)
  • Jade Sponsorship:   $700 for 3 months (rotating)

Business Advisory Services

  • Business Development Counseling (Free)
  • Other forms of assistance are based on an hourly rate. Contact the Chamber

Business Ambassador Program

  • Contact the Chamber for Price Information

Business Investors’ Symposium

  • Bronze        $185 Registration Fee
  • Silver          $50 Registration Fee
  • Gold          $25 Registration Fee

Youth Chamber of Commerce

  • Membership Dues $25.00 per year


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